Leadership Communication Course

A Leadership course was recently held for the Actives as part of the ongoing series, Life Skills for the Modern Gentleman being put on by Alumni Mike Jeske. We were honored to have Kenneth Smith with the Academy of Leadership come and give an interactive course on how to become better leaders. Ken’s course was a fun and interactive activity for the brothers to allow them to pair off in groups of two to four and work on communcation skills using Lego building blocks. The brothers enjoyed the creative approach that Ken brought to the topic and learned valuable leadership and communication skills.

Ken’s company specializes in teaching corporate managers how to become better leaders. Ken has an impressive background as a graduate of Westpoint with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. For a large part of his career he served as a U.S. Army Infantry Officer defending the United States in the trenches as what he would call himself a “Grunt”. A special thanks to Ken for his help.

Kenneth Smith with Academy of Leadership
Brothers Joe Johnson and Tyler Stevens trying to communicate without eye contact while Cole Cashion looks on

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