Duncan Court of Honor

Gamma Tau is extremely excited to introduce the two newest Brothers inducted into the Court of Honor. Duncan is the new Province name for the combining of the Walsh and Mikell Provinces, and named after J. Michael Duncan ’69, a Stephen F Austin graduate who became the 38th Knight Commander from 2007-2011. Robert (Bobby Mac) J. McAndrews ’85 and Jay D. Fine ’94 were inducted on Saturday February 25, 2023 at the Royal Oak Country Club in Dallas, TX. Congrats Bro’s, a well deserved honor.

From L-R Tracy Hoffart ’85, Teresa Hoffart, Angelia Snow, Ronny Snow ’87, Robert (Bobby Mac) McAndrews ’85, Cindy McAndrews, Kathie Fine, Jay Fine ’94, Mike Hilliard ’75

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