New Brothers Initiated

Initiation was held Saturday and the actives did a fantastic job with it. Congratulations to the 14 new Brothers, Jayvan Aycock, Cole Kassabian, Caleb Corliss, Alex Mejia, Alex Hill, Mason Lalonde, Jace Sims, Drew Welborn, Kenny Lomenzo, Brayden Johnson, Austen Taylor, Jose Carrizales, Jared Willis and Brandon Burns. Initiation was attended by all of the actives and approximately 8 alumni.

Of note – Brandon Burns was the last of three brothers who all initiated KA from Sam Houston and was attended by the whole KA family including Chandler who is an active and oldest brother Reagan (2017) and his father Gary (1983, Houston Baptist University)

We will posts a picture within the next few days.

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Finally got their Badges

Congratulations to Wayne Walker (right) and Doug Shaw (left) who had been initiated in 1973, but due to a administrative snafu had never officially been listed as members of Kappa Alpha Order. The issue was discovered and fixed and they were given their shingle and badges at the Founders Day Dinner by Ronny Snow Alumnus Advisor.

House Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

Thanks to all the dignitaries we had from the KA National Office including the Knight Commander to help us officially open the new House. The ribbon cutting was done by Jim Tiller, Jonathan Green (Housing Corp President) and Darren Kay (KA Knight Commander)

Music at Crawfish Boil

Thanks to Geoff Spahr for the great music. He kept us entertained all day with some great tunes. You can reach him on twitter @GeoffSpahrMusic.

Founders Dinner Auction

The Auction brought in about $15,000, thanks to Tim Jeske for getting it all setup and to everyone who took part.

Being Put to Good Use

The Volleyball Pit and the Basketball Court have now been completed and are being put to good use.

Parking Lot & V-Ball Pit

The parking lot extension and the sand volleyball pit are nearing completion!

Sand Volleyball Pit with sand added and Poles embedded
Extended parking lot poured

New I am KA video

A new I am Kappa Alpha Order video has been posted of Mark Cochran, alumni from 1985. If you would like to have one done send a note to It is located under the Alumni menu.