Funds Raised for Operation KARE

As part of the Founders Day Crawfish Boil and generous donations, the Gamma Tau Chapter has raised $5,243.86 for Operation KARE. The active chapter is trying to raise $20,000 to enable the purchase of an All-Terrain Track Chair for a disabled veteran. Gamma Tau is taking part along with other Kappa Alpha Order chapters across the United States in this worthwhile endeavor. You can make donations through the site at

Special recognition goes out to Active Chapter members Joe Emerson and Nolland Blair for their efforts in fundraising. Below are pictures with some of the sponsors who so generously donated along with a picture of what these chairs can give back to our wounded vets.

Founders Day Golf Tournament

We had a great turnout for the Golf Tournament held on March 25th. Good fun was had by all and congratulations to the winners in their 3rd consecutive year, Danny Moreland and Jacob Hart

Founders Day Brothers – 60’s and 70’s

We had a great turnout of the guys from the late 60’s and 70’s for Founders Day on March 25th. It was great to hear the stories and catch back up.

L-R Ken Heidtman ’71, Lucien Hughes ’70, Vic Marsico ’68, Chuck Beckner ’71, Gerald Drews ’69, Mike Kinnear ’69, Danny Barwick ’67, Felton Dengler ’67, Ed Covington ’70 and Chris Clark ’70
L-R Danny Barwick ’67, Bob Parker ’69, Ed Covington ’70, Felton Dengler ’67, Al Worn ’69 and Chris Clark ’70
Don Carrington ’67 and Felton Dengler ’67

Court of Honor

Here is an additional picture of all of the Actives and Alumni, along with J. Michael Duncan and new inductees Robert (Bobby Mac) McAndrews and Jay Fine

From L-R Nolland Blair ’22, Michael Rivitch ’22, Zac Mocci ’22, Colin Ruby ’20, Reid Wolanin, Robert (Bobby Mac) McAndrews ’85, Ronny Snow ’87, J. Michael Duncan ’69, Miguel Tapia ’22, Jay Fine ’94, Dalton Prye ’22, Tracy Hoffart ’85, Connor Vandergriff ’22, Mike Hilliar ’75

Duncan Court of Honor

Gamma Tau is extremely excited to introduce the two newest Brothers inducted into the Court of Honor. Duncan is the new Province name for the combining of the Walsh and Mikell Provinces, and named after J. Michael Duncan ’69, a Stephen F Austin graduate who became the 38th Knight Commander from 2007-2011. Robert (Bobby Mac) J. McAndrews ’85 and Jay D. Fine ’94 were inducted on Saturday February 25, 2023 at the Royal Oak Country Club in Dallas, TX. Congrats Bro’s, a well deserved honor.

From L-R Tracy Hoffart ’85, Teresa Hoffart, Angelia Snow, Ronny Snow ’87, Robert (Bobby Mac) McAndrews ’85, Cindy McAndrews, Kathie Fine, Jay Fine ’94, Mike Hilliard ’75

OTC (Officer Training School) in Dallas

The officers of the chapter spent the weekend in Dallas attending OTC (Officer Training School). This is designed to give each of the 9 officers training in their respective roles. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about their roles and by interacting with Brothers in the same roles from all Universities with KA Chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

From L-R Robert (Bobby Mac) McAndrews (Alumni) ’85, Tracy Hoffart (Alumni) ’85, Dalton Prye ’22, Reid Wolanin ’19, Nolland Blair ’21, Miguel Tapia ’22, Zac Mocci ’22, Michael Rivitch ’22, Justin Rasbeary ’22, Colin Ruby ’20, Mike Hilliard (Alumni) ’75, Connor Vandergriff ’22

SHSU Alumni Reception

On Thursday March 30th, the SHSU Alumni Association will be having a reception at the Kenny Store near Bellville, starting at 6:00pm. We went last year and it was a lot of fun and allowed us to meet a lot of other alumni from Sam. It would be great to have a big KA group, so if you can make it, we will see you there. Here’s the link to register Thanks, Tracy & Teresa

Induction of New Members

Congratulations to the 5 new men KA inducted on Monday, February 13th in a ceremony at the KA Mansion. We look forward to seeing them progress through their education of Kappa Alpha Order and becoming fully initiated Brothers.

From L-R Colton Anderson, Kolby Fenley, Mykal Gilson, Zachary Johnson and Jordan Rogers
Celebrating with the whole chapter

Spring 2023 Newsletter

We have just sent out the Spring 2023 Newsletter via email. If you didn’t get it, send a note to and we’ll make sure we get it to you.

Founders Day 2023

Come join us for the 63rd Anniversary of our founding on Friday March 24 – Saturday March 25th. Below is the agenda and the location to buy tickets is

March 24th
7:00pm – Alumni Happy Hour (Big EZ Bar and Restaurant)
March 25th
8:00am – Alumni Chapter Golf Tournament (Raven Nest Golf Course)
12:30pm – Active Chapter Crawfish Boil & Auction (Kappa Alpha Mansion)
6:00pm – Housing Corp Reception (Bonnie’s Hideout across from Jolly Fox)

Contact Tracy Hoffart 713-539-2705 or for any questions or Tim Jeske for any auction item donations.